Tuesday, 24 July 2012

So I went and saw a Swami and this is what happened.

Ok, so I am now is a total state of Pure Love and in the flow of Divine Allowing, Being and Expansion.  Honestly it's a great place to be.  It's been a long road and a lot of hard work but I am truly enjoying life and all its joys.  Of course there are times when life throws me curve balls and knocks me sideways but I just recognize them as opportunities for growth and embrace them and celebrate them (mostly after a wee bit of processing).

So last Sunday I go and see the Swami that I first saw the night before I started on my Pilgrimage to my Spiritual Master Ceremony.  He just started talking about how I've been divorced and he sees that if I was to marry again it too would end in divorce.  We talked a lot about lives purpose and Divine plan and the fact that I am now a Master; that it's obvious that I should continue on this path for the rest of my life.  Which is to my delight, I truly feel as if I am living out the life that I was born live.  Finally.

We talked excessively about one's relationship with God and enlightenment and all facets of spirituality. 

He then casually told me that I was 'The Chosen One', (bajesus...giggling was all I had to offer sitting in a cave with a Swami in the south of Bali).  That he had waited 20 years for the right student to come along with the right Karma, Presence and Integrity to teach all his knowledge on White Tantra.  And that if I chose then I could become a White Tantra Master.  Using the embodiment of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.

So I sat there not really knowing what that meant nor quite understanding what exactly I would have to do.  He is 68 years old after all.

My mind started jumping all over the place (for 3 minutes) and then he went on and spoke very specifically about White Tantra and re-incarnation and with great wisdom of what he knew.  It was extremely fascinating listening to the extent and depth of this practice.

I decided after being in that cave for the hours that I had been that this was obviously just the next part of my insane incredible journey that I am privy to, thanks to me getting out of my own way and daring to live in the moment with complete presence.

So next week we start our first ritual, (whatever that means).  I feel truly blessed that this incredible man wishes to share his expansive sacred knowledge with me.  I feel nothing but divinely guided to step into this next phase of my life with ease and grace.  My faith is so strong within me in its entirety that Gratitude is 'all I got'.

I can't wait to see what happens next.....

Me crawling out of Swamis cave Sunday night.

If you want to read more about my journey you can here. http://www.nikstarr.com/about-nikstarr.php

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