Monday, 12 March 2012

“ Dream as if you’ll live forever.  Live as if you’ll die today”.  James Dean

We do live forever.  We are infinite souls living a human experience in this lifetime.  One of so many lifetimes, some of us remember other lifetimes and some of us are resistant to the idea that this experience we are having right now is just a drop in the proverbially ocean.
We can get so caught up the story, the expectation, the conditioning that we Forget.  Now is the time of remembering as souls that we are in fact perfect beings, as we are.  Everything that we ever need to know is actually within us.  And we all know it, on some level.  For some reason the struggle, the internal dialogue reigns supreme more often than not.
When we remember that we do indeed live forever we can easily live full out, take chances, embrace opportunities and surrender to God’s plan.  In the surrendering you will very quickly feel as if you are on the fast track.  Your soul’s purpose will become very clear and you will find so many synchronistic events supporting your every move.
 I remember when I completely got this concept, eternal gratitude to Neal Donald Walsch for the learning.  I realized that actually nothing mattered and if I did die from this current human life I will simply come back when I was ready to keep going.  That I had a choice to embrace the lessons and the learnings that I had chosen for this particular life.  So why the hell was I fighting myself in trying to perfect this life and use resistance in avoiding fucking it up.  In letting go of the need to control or drive or get in my own way, I was able to ‘see’ what it was all about, I cleared the space which allowed me to Step-Up with Ease and Grace.
Simply put, when you decide to give yourself the life you dream of without fear or condition then it starts to appear.  If you do die, its merely your destiny and the lessons and learnings within that for those that love you are part of their destiny.  There is NOTHING to lose, just time, just smiles, just love, just fun, just enjoyment, just about everything yummy you can think of.   So why would we chose to be stressed, or annoyed or even annoying, why would be consciously go about making things difficult?  When we KNOW that this is just a piece of the biggest thing in the whole universe, we can have the life we desire, we can have the dreams fulfilled, all we have to do is Remember.
We were created to be magnificent,   so why not be magnificent, that’s the whole purpose of creation.  Don’t be grumpy, there is no joy in that, allow the highs and lows to pass for they are the cadence of this life.  In remembering that its all part of a very very very long journey, there is no need to get stuck.  Be present, totally present, breathe in your now, acknowledge every second, never wish away a moment, the joy and the gems are here, Now.  Your vibration will expand exponentially when you are completely present, engaging and being, this is how to Fly. 
I love you.

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