Monday, 23 January 2012

One with Nik, One with the Universe...

I was riding back from finally meeting up with a mutual friend of one of my close girlfriends, last Friday night.  It was about a 20 ride home from where I was.  In Bali the road rules and traffic aren't the most structured of things but it works incredibly well.  I liken it to being in a school of fish, you just move and meld in with each other, and I never ever see any road rage. 

Quite often while riding my motorbike I find myself in 'the zone', its where I become One with the bike and One with the road.  A state of pure connectedness and it's kind of like a bike meditation.  Your senses and awareness are vibrating in sync and there is a complete sense of flow.

As it was night I was on full alert and in the night safe zone, there were two separate riders that I witnessed that were in their own 'one with the bike, one with the road'.  Watching them maneuver their bikes I became very aware of this 'state'.  And bam, out of no-where I had this idea.  (While being totally present in the riding and completely attuned to everyone and everything going on around).

'One with Nik, One with the Universe'.  Apply the same concept as when I hop on that bike and become one.  Step into my skin and become one with the Universe.  Then  I had a complete feeling of massive expansion.  That knowing of awareness of consciously getting in state and operating from connectedness with results in pure inspiration.  In-Spirit.

The funny thing is, since that moment on my way home that night.  I have felt a cellular shift, like I switched a button within me.  Dissolving fear, trepidation and the unknown.  

Its extraordinary, knowing what I have thought many times (be connected, plug in), yet here I had a frame of reference and that being in physical 'state', the flow is a sweet and calm ride.

So I'm just going to keep on going and revel in my state of stepping into my soul and just see where it takes me next.

Loving the state of one.

Nik.  xoxo 

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