Saturday, 23 November 2013

Blog Post ~ In Bed with NikStarr....................and Superman.

Day 13 of 11 Day Blog Challenge/Commitment.

So I missed one day last week and I missed yesterday, so now I've written for 11 out of 13 days.  Yesterday I was all ready to write but I kept having to manage the desire to vomit.  It's not something you can ignore, you have to take immediate action and be very present with it.  My lovely PA also threw her laptop down the stairs of her room here and pretty much smashed it up good and well.  We then had to share my laptop.  Hayley did very well to not lose her shit when this tragedy happened, I was very proud of her.  She sooooooooooooooo needed a new laptop.  Thanks universe for the fast track. 

Due to my physical condition since returning from my whirlwind Singapore visa run maniac adventure.  I have been rather unwell to say the least.  Trust me you don't want the gory details.  So I had to set up shop in my bed.  NikStarr Online Enterprises has been running from a new comfy land of extreme pillows; comfort and red bucket close by.  My staff come and had meetings with me in bed and the show goes on.

Eventually after 2 days, I thought I would get out of the bed other than going to the toilet 5 trillion times a day or an epic mission to the kitchen and back to make a piece of toast.

It was time to try on some shopping from Singapore.

Baby Starr looking awesome in his new Superman outfit.

My body has been through a lot and I was sick of my bed so it was time for a re-location of the office. My next stop was the Pool.  Possibly my most favourite place in the world right now.  It's where everything dissolves and I forget EVERYTHING.  I am weightless, cool, bobbing little happy bubble of joy and bliss.

I move into the pool, with iPad in hand, the show must go on.

This is Hayley Weatherburn, a living angel.  She is an incredible soul, and inbetween being resident angel at NikStarr, she has also just re-launched her book; Is Your Fork in Tune.  Check it out here, you will love her insights and her wisdom.
So, I am actually feeling so much better now.  Rest is a very helpful thing.  And I still managed to get a lot done between resting and purging. 

Today I am heading back out into the world for a short trip to do a new property inspection.  I love the architecture and creation here on my beloved island, it inspires me all the time.

Blessings and smashings of kisses,

Nik.  xo.

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