Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day 11 ~ of an 11 day Blog Challenge/Commitment.............. I scheduled this one LAST NIGHT FROM SINGAPORE!!!

The good thing about using Blogger is that you can schedule blogs to be published at certain times.  I am sitting in Singapore airport, my flight has been delayed and I won't depart until 10.10pm (at this stage).  Which means I will arrive in Bali around 1am.  I will then make my way through immigration.  Then I will go over to the 'other car park' and pick up my hired car.  Then I will drive back to my home near Ubud.  Not sure what that time 'may be'.... I have advised my lovely live-in PA, that I won't be working until lunchtime tomorrow, and we will either be working from my bedroom, with me in my bed.  Or from the pool, where my body will be floating around, weightless and manageable.

Right now, I feel like I have balloons inside me slowly filling up with CEMENT.  I'm physically feeling CRAPOLA.  I was suppose to come back to Singapore a few weeks back to do this visa run, renewing my 1 year Indonesian Visa.  But the process time changed in Bali and I had to extend it out..... I didn't put too much thought into my pregnancy and flying and all that is involved in between a one day visa run to Singapore.  Let's not go on about that now. 

I have my new visa, I have some of the cutest little clothes for the bubba, I have eaten a bag of skittles and I didn't find a new mascara.

What I did get was a crazy FB message just after I got notification of the flight delay.

"Nik, I'm in Changi Airport right now"............. Its was from my old mate Nash.  A divine soul, who I love dearly.  He was literally about to board a plane to Brisbane.  Felt oh-so-sliding doors.  We didn't manage to see each other.

I realised that this will be my last flight before I become new Mumma to baby Santos-Starr.  Its been 12 years since I have had a baby.  It's almost from another lifetime.  I was chatting to Ruby, my big girl this afternoon about the cute clothes I bought and how WEIRD it was being in baby shop buying baby always, she was the voice of reason.  Yes, Mumma but just think how incredibly cute he will be.  My angel Ruby always keeping it real.

I will also have the new recordings of my guided meditations to listen to when I get myself together.  This is a very long dream realised.  All there ever is in life is CHANGE.  It's the only thing we can be sure of.  It's the only thing we can depend on.  I lovingly embrace it, it takes me places I didn't even know to think about thinking.

I want to thank some lovelies for making my very uncomfortable time on the other side of the 'visa run' in Singapore airport more pleasant.

Harley Starr - for sending me big loving healing.  You are a master distant energy sender.
Ruby Starr - for everything.
Denise Daffara - for making me laugh LOTS.
The Shop - for stocking skittles candy.
Victoria MW - for chats about all things and those in between.
Faith Donovan - for being YOU.
Princess Taylor - for the late minute Oneness Blessing as I was about to take off.

Blessed am I... and I know it, (clap your hands).  xo

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