Thursday, 6 December 2012

Crystals, Malas, chakra wands..... YUM.

I went to India a few months ago to visit my beloved best friend and travel through the sacred land that had been calling me for some time.

On my first full day there, after buying the first of several Sarees; and wearing it out of the shop I divinely ended up in a crystal shop The pull was so strong that I almost felt like I was walking on air.  This trip was going to be extreme, this I knew, on so many levels.  And having amazing crystals for the journey................well, but of course.

So after a couple of hours playing I bought a few pieces from a new member of my soul family, dear Deepak and went on with our journey, with a promise to return before I flew out to get some more.

The crystals came through some amazing ceremonies and today I use them in many of my gatherings, retreats and day to day practise.

I have become very fond of my crystals and many of my participants share my passion, I have recently decided to share my crystal magic with you all.  I have gathered several pieces and will be adding to the range as they present themselves.

I recently had a group return to attend a Level 2 NikStarr Journey and the work we did was incredibly powerful.  I feel truly blessed to add this component to the work I love.

You can have a look at the current stock I have at my newly opened online store.  I ship for free within Australia and send overseas at the standard shipping postal rate.  Click here to check out the shop.

Love and Light and sparkly yumminess,

Nik.  xo

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