Saturday, 8 October 2011

A sharing of a snapshot of four days in my life this week.

A Four Day Snapshot of the life of NikStarr.

At 3am in the morning 2 days ago as I was lying in bed, well it was a bed but it had seen far better days, a fluorescent light was on just above me, brothers were talking, mothers were passing wind, a shiva chant was playing very loud, roosters were cockadoodle doing and a puppy was crying.  I thought to myself as I put my pashmina over my eyes and moved position to get the sping out of my back the incredible polarities I put myself in each and every week.  I was taking this time for reflection rather than dancing with the potential annoyingness of the environment I was in that appeared that sleep was not in my immediate future.  My vibration was in an incredible state of gratitude, so that was never going to happen.
I thought I would create a 4 day snapshot to explain.

Sunday – Patpong, Thailand.
I wake mid morning in a downtown hotel laying next to my best friend Faith after a night out taking in the famous Thai Ping Pong shows, (hilarious and a must see, but only once in your life is enough), I felt a tingle in my arm to be reminded of the tattoo I had gotten with Faith the afternoon before the show.  We went to breakfast and then went and packed our things to move up the road to a new hotel.
We moved to the gorgeous Glitz Hotel and left our bags to head out to the weekend market, the largest market in the Southern Hemisphere.  Ate fabulous Japanese Food, got a fabulous hour Thai massage, ate a massive icecream and did a spot of shopping.
Back to Potpong, to take in our second sex show, this time an all mens show (aimed at men, not women), once again, hilarious but far more professional, great choreography and laughed so hard;  may have had tears running down my face.
Monday – Last day in Bangkok
Last day with my gorgeous girl before she heads back to her incredible life in India.  We did some last minute shopping for her after breakfast and by then it was time for Faith to pack and get ready for the airport.  (I had been in Thailand just on 2 weeks, where I had spent most of my time up north, in Chiang Mai and then Pai, I had spent countless hours meditating, in temples, doing a lot of writing, reading and spent time with some new friends, westerners and locals.  Bangkok had indeed been a different experience, which of course was just as brilliant).  Faith had been doing a bit of processing over the last few days, we had had lengthy conversations about her occasional overwhelm she felt in chaotic India which lead to some great shifts, so on her heading back into India I facilitated a Soul Protection Ceremony with her.  Using my newly acquired crystal ball that I got from a Buddhist monastery and a few crystals and precious stones that I had with me, I created a space for some chakra work and was blessed to have this as our final moments together.  I then merely rested for awhile and indulged in some cable tv shows until I was hungry.  I went out into the streets and ate divine street vendor food then went back to my room for a nap before my 3am departure to the airport.

Tuesday – Thailand to Bali
For some reason whenever I fly AirAsia I sleep pretty much the whole flight, all I know is that I am very grateful for this, wake up 20 mins before landing in Bali, its 11am and I’m nearly home.   I’m really looking forward to getting back to my home, I love traveling so much but ones own bed and familiar things is always a welcome place.  We land, no queue at immigration and I go to sit outside to wait for my Pembantu (an all round house keeper is the best way to describe what a Pembantu is).  I told him to come at 12.30 so he didn’t have to wait around if there was a long wait at immigration, so I sat and waiting for him, yes my Pembantu is a him, affectionately known by a dear friend of mine that stayed with me recently in Bali Himbantu….  Nyoman arrives, I jumped on the back of his bike with my 20kg backpack on, he has my laptop backpack on his chest and we head off into the chaotic Bali traffic towards Sanur.  Always outstanding fun as ever.  I arrive home, ahh the gentle energy of my house, Nyoman takes my bags inside, makes me a cup of tea and then proceeds to unpack my bags, puts washing on and puts all my things away.  We chat (primarily through Google translate, his English is at the same level as my Indonesian) and catch up, he shows me the new baby fish in the fish pond, one of the maintenance guys that works on my house came in and I gave them both a tshirt that I had bought from Thailand and we giggled and spoke broken sentences of english and balinese.  They left and I took some time to rest and catch up on emails and messages.  I sent a message to my owner to say I had returned, within half an hour, I had a Welcome home ceremony going on in my temple, offerings, blessings, incense, prayers and big smiles.  I was so filled with such genuine kind loving energy, Bali had embraced me as usual and held me tight.  A little while after they left I went into the temple to meditate and found myself doing a standing meditation and through connection found myself to be in the greatest expanded state of awareness, blissed, blessed and beloved Bali and I had the most divine moment.  I sleep soundly and deeply.

Wednesday – Sanur to Singaraja
I woke in my bed excited about my first solo ride to Singaraja, which is located at the north end of Bali, a 2-3 hour ride away.  I made some breakfast and packed my bag.  I headed to the Mudra Lilit Bali Yayasan, to see Jero, my mentor and guru before the trip.  He was perplexed that I was riding alone to Singaraja and I had no idea where I was going.  I told him I would connect with my God GPS and hope for the best.  Of course, the road to Singaraja was easy to find and the ride was very fun, it’s been awhile since I had been on a motorbike, which is one of my favourite things to do.  I was riding through the mountain ranges of Bedugel when it started to get very dark and cold, I thought it was going to rain, but there was just this constant mist, then I realized I was actually riding through cloud.  Within 20 minutes I was out of the cloud and heading down the hill towards the first traffic light where I was to ring my friends that had invited me to their special family ceremony.  I called, they said, they would send someone to show me the way to the village. 2 minutes later I hear, NICOLE, I turn around and there is a Mudra Lilit Bali friend of mine, just happening to ride past and see me.  We called my friends and as I had a new escort.   Eventually I arrived in the village and my friends home.  I shared with him of a meditation I had in Thailand, I was troubled and needed some guidance regarding an outcome that I was unsure of how to handle,   I had spoken to him before the meditation on FB chat and he gave me advice and a blessing.  What happened during the meditation was nuts, I left my body and was in a universal state of expandedness when I was in the direct presence of source where I found my answers, on returning to the room I saw his face and huge smile, he just smiled and said, that makes sense.  We then left and went to the large family ceremony.  Once again I was the only white person in the group of about 400 Balinese, praying together and witness to Balinese male and female dancing, it was a beautiful ceremony where I was embraced by the loving locals.  Around 1am we went up to another temple on top of a hill to do a meditation together, we used high energy and the process was incredible, I have no words to explain what happened, it was merely truly incredible.  Which then lead us to going back to his house and his family where I was directed to my bed and the moment of the very noisy 3am moment that lead me to think about writing this blog.  I live an enchanted life which I very consciously chose.  I was living a very civilized successful life in Australia and knew that I wanted more out of life, I took a huge leap of faith and this is just a tiny snapshot of what it looks like.  I could’ve given a far more detailed account of the events which would of lead to a very long read but this is what came out of my fingers when writing it now.   I am so grateful primarily for my soul to have the balls to go out, have these experiences and to participate full out at what I encounter.  I am eternally grateful for those that pass through my journeys always.  From Bangkok to Bali, sex shows to sacred meditations, motorbikes to manifestations.  I am NikStarr and this is my life.  Four days sharing is four minutes. 

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