Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years REVOLUTION..........


Well here we are at the end of another calendar year.   I don't even know what to say............. my mind is racing and there is a mind movie flashing past my eyes of the year that has gone by.

Well here we are at the end of another calendar year.   I don't even know what to say............. my mind is racing and there is a mind movie flashing past my eyes of the year that has gone by.

This time last year I was in Java; in Jail.

It was Day 8 that I had been locked away, meditating 10 hours a day and eating at controlled times and in complete silence.  That's right Vipassana Jail in Java for the transition from Holy Cow 2012 into the unknown of Holy Shit Batman 2013.  Little did we know how full on this one was going to be.  We didn't die on the 21 December but a part of the old world did die.  We all had our own experience of ascension, whether we knew it or not.  Living in the 5D was quite perplexing for most; and quite frankly still is.

I'm laying here in my bed in my palace in Ubud, day 3 of food poisoning, apparently.  I say apparently because 3 days ago I was presented with my final blessons of 20andfreakin 13.  My dear ex-husband /father of my big kids, decided to change the plans again and my children won’t be coming on 10 January for a visit.  Shattering my heart.  Like smashing a mirror, shattering, like I was a little shocked shattering.  Yes, I’m 36 weeks pregnant, full of hormones and such.  But something different was going on.  Then there was this other stuff too; I will spare you the boring dumb details.  Point is, I had created the energy to allow this outcome to arise.  Unintentionally but old patterning within this relationship, created the space for control, manipulation and plain old meanness.    So my dear kind friend/acupuncturist/mentor/voice of god Dr Bobbi; called me on it.  Nik, this is your stuff, you are a human High Priestess that called all this in in this lifetime, you signed up for all of this.  This thing called the spiritual path is really hard.  And as a consequence we get hard stuff to do.  I knew she was right, again. 

So time for Letting Go, Reflection and Surrendering.  Whilst embodying my full warrior, putting on my new No-Nonsense Pants (you can find these at the same shop as the patience pants).  I was to fully embody all that I was.  So in clearing all this energy, stuff and things…. The universe threw in some Food Poisoning to ensure that I was purging every facet possible.  In full Nik style nothing was gentle or pleasant in this process.  The cramping was outrageous, and at its height I noticed there was what felt like contractions every 12 minutes, I started losing it.  I was in no shape to go into premature birth, nor did I want to.  I was home alone and realised I had to pull myself together, like seriously get it together.  I called in Durga, she stroked my hair lovingly and I put on some calm mantra music, and breathed and prayed and eventually nearly 3 hours later fell asleep. 

So from bed in the magical land I have manifested in this year, I will be transitioning into this new amazing year of 2014; very happy.  Almost relieved.  Something has happened that I changed me,  I am ready and all the old karma has ripened for me to go forth and create real harmony and consequentially inner peace. 

I attribute this to my discipline and my soul commitment.  This year I finally got it.  There is no half-arsed doing this path.  You are either in or you are not. 

I crossed that line,  you can’t go back.  You make a commitment to yourself and you are IN.  And then things really start to happen.  I don’t have the words that can elegantly express the outcome of such a grand gesture.  To be there for YOU, your soul, no matter what, unconditionally and always.  It’s called Love.  A true expression of divine love, that is from you to you by you of God.

I feel that you have to have been through the ringer too many times, gotten sick and tired of being sick and tired to be in a position to cross this line.  Most of it not too fun. 

So as most of you know, I do my daily practise, to enrich and feed my soul.  I do not go one day without meditating.  It’s like cutting off my air supply.   Strange, people think it’s a chore.  I face my stuff, I be kind and I do things for others without thinking.  I treat others the way I would like to be treated and sometimes I lose my shit and do things that afterwards, I go oops; not your finest work.  Cause I’M HUMAN. 

So YES, it’s been a wild wooly year of unimaginable proportions, as if I would get re-married, as IF I would ever have another child.  As if I would be a speaker with world leaders on a global hindu stage.  As if I would chart a course of a dream through Java with 9 of my advanced students completing on top of a volcano making a heart shape cloud using our energy field.  As if I would record my own meditations that are changing lives beyond my comprehension.   As if I would live in a palace that I wrote an order for on a New Moon to the universe and got 3 days later… As if I was surprised any more…. And then my heart shattered.  There is always work to be done.  There is only Freedom through Discipline, there is only commitment through action.  There is only Love through Giving.  There is only Me with You.  There is no separation of us souls, created out of the manifestation of God, we are not singular beings of no consequence.  That is the delusion of illusion. 

Tomorrow is New Moon on New Years Day, how Glorious.  There is so much I could say about this but it’s time to wrap up.  And plus, you can simply tap in and access it all with your intention, any time you like.

My friend Chirone has this to say:

The New Moon in Capricorn ushers in the New Year for us, in a very dramatic way!  Pluto is very closely aligned with this New Moon, so the beginning of this year is likely to be associated with powerful endings and dramatic rebirth, a time to embrace a sense of empowerment.  There could be conflict involved, as Mars is very much a part of this picture too, yet there is potential for transformative action if this combination is used positively.

Unlike most years, New Year’s Day this year is an excellent time astrologically to make your New Year’s resolutions.  The energy of the New Moon gives an added boost to the intentions you set as you begin the cycle of this New Year, and with Pluto part of the picture your manifestations could be very powerful indeed.  The New Moon is exact at 7.14pm Bali time – use the following 24-hour period to put out your intentions.

A New Moon always represents the beginning of a new cycle in some aspect of our lives. A Capricorn New Moon is an invitation for renewed focus on self-discipline, responsibility, dealing with material reality, setting goals, improving time management and introducing more structure into our lives – all in the service of moving forwards on our chosen path.  Remember the image of Capricorn the goat, moving slowly but steadily up the mountain, one step at a time.

So, on that note, I bid you farewell.  Blessings whatever you may be doing during this crossover of the calendar. 

My deepest gratitude and purist love to you now and always.

Nik. xo

(Have you seen the Gnome in my garden?)

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