Thursday, 1 May 2014

What I'm up to in May ~ Starr Lovevolution Manifesto... SAYING IT OUT LOUD.


This is a Public Announcement of which will hold me accountable for nailing these intentions.

The 1st of May is one of my favorite days, its the first day of my birthday month.  My birthday is on the 13th, I will turn 41 this year, (such a big girl now).  My chinese star sign is Ox, so being a Taurus/Ox, I'm a fairly determined type, have been known to be kinda feisty, hard to knock down and works like most wouldn't dream of.  I have used these traits to go places I never dreamed of, it takes a lot to stab a Taurus/ox gal, they tried that one in an energy mastery ceremony once  (you can read about that here) and with that same power I have activated a couple of volcanos in my time.  So surely the tasks I am setting myself here will be doable indeed.  With a 3 month old baby that's fully breastfed, by me of course and two big kids in Australia that I speak to most days and school holidays, I'm up for my own challenge.  I have faith and trust in the divine.  I am a master co-creator, so what will be; will be.  

So here are my commitments that I wish to announce:

1.  500 words per day minimum towards getting my book complete..... It's TIME.  I have to get all of this out of my head and into pages.

2. Weekly online Satsang/Meditations/Wisdom sharings, you can watch direct at my website... Starting next week.
3. Health and fitness commitment, to lose 10kg post baby weight, tone up and fully embrace yoga.  Loving my gorgeous trainer, Ms Brizz, she's a dynamite.  

4. Set and release the exclusive NikStarr Immersions, where you come and live at my property in my guest house for 7 days and we go deeeeeeeeep, we go to sacred sites and we do all the kool Nik stuff.  There will three this year.  By application only and are not for the faint hearted.  (you can contact me now if you are serious, dates are still to be confirmed in the next 2 weeks).

5.  Starr Ashram ~  This is a biggy, massive action towards realizing this dream.  One step at a time, 'with a little help from my friends'.  Whatever that means.

For all the beautiful beings that chose to join me on this journey, I am so blessed to have you by my side, we are of the oneness, we are all mirrors, we are all consequences of each other and we are here NOW. 

I 'sit' everyday and envision such magical things and share them all.  This time on earth we are in together; we chose to do this work for humanity.   We are the evolution warriors, we are the vibration of pure love.......................and so it is.....  STARR LOVEVOLUTION.  

Grace and Gratitude,

Durgaji Nik  xo

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