Monday, 2 December 2013

Today NikStarr is a little bit sad............ :(

I don’t really do sad these days, or angry or ecstatic or delirious or mental.  My roller coaster days are over.  I actually dismantled it quite some time ago in a NikStarr process I developed, but that’s another story that is shared in another Nik Arena.

But there is a little part of me sad today……. For the last 6 weeks I have had the most wonderful kind, helpful, considerate, superbrain, friend and sweet soul by my side.  Hayley Weatherburn, has been my live in Assistant here in Bali and wow, we have had a wild awesome time.

It started with a thought.  And of course a few Facebook Conversations.

Hayley and I met in Bali at a course here around 2 years ago.  I was just starting NikStarr Retreat land.  She watched me from the wonderful land of Facebook.  We interacted a few times.  Shared  a couple of significant moments via Private Messages and when she found out I was doing my last retreat she ‘just had to come’.  She; like many of us in the past had been battling depression the year before and was back rebuilding her life, a NikStarr experience was exactly what would catapult her into her full potentiality.  (She is currently writing her second book on ‘How to stop depression’.  Her insights and wisdom are simply stunning).  A true success story.

So, funnily enough a few planets and stars aligned for my soul and her soul as a consequence of these events.

I had asked the universe for a ‘mini-nik’, a helper, a do-er, an achiever and a likeable soul.  I needed someone to assist me for a month or so after my retreat for the month of November to prepare myself and my businesses so that by the time Baby Santos Starr arrives, I can focus on being Mumma Bear for a few whiles. 

So originally I thought, I wanted to take on something like a Mini-Nik/Apprentice type soul.  Someone that I could not only get to help me in my businesses, with the same work ethics, drive and
mindset as me.  Aswell as take to ceremonies, teach them all I know and basically share whatever may come of all that.  I wrote this on my Nik’s Magical Whiteboard and detached from the outcome.

Part of me realised that being pregnant and developing my online side of NikStarr was not entirely conducive to taking on an apprentice at this time.  But getting ‘a version’ of that; certainly was.

Then I got the message…… I was in Java taking my advanced students through a mastery program, we had been working online for 6 months and ended the journey on top of an active volcano.  In our Crown Chakras connecting to the Divine.  Connecting our energy fields and activating the volcano…. We created a heart shaped  smoke cloud from the volcano.  Way hella cool stuff….. but back to the point… So, I was in Java.  I got a message from Hayley, saying….. when I come over to do your last retreat;  I want to offer my skillset in energy exchange for accommodation, food and whatever else comes up.  I said, ok!  I will ask around……………………..but says silently to herself, hhhhmmmm, that is for 4 weeks after the retreat, maybe this is the ‘gift’ that I have been asking for.  I will contemplate on returning to Bali.

Well, evidently the universe had great plans for us to work together.  Hayley, being a Taurus just like me.  Works hard, fast and efficient.   Is deeply caring and very funny.  Our collaboration has been a huge success….. I have managed to launch 2 new NikStarr products.  Completed a Blogging Challenge.  And cleaned up my crazy messed up computer among many other things.

I am so grateful for her presence in my life and my business.  She has also by default become quite the competent assistant ‘out in the field’.  She holds space stunningly, she assists students in process and can carry a Hindu Ceremony Offering like a pro.

Although I will miss her, she’s coming back….. Woohoo!  I have a deep and meaningful relationship with this kind and generous soul that I treasure and am in deep gratitude for. 

I am so proud that she goes back to Sydney straight into a speaking gig promoting her book, .

But before she goes today we have a few things to do...... final adjustments on my Meditation recordings page on my website.  Eat some delish food.  And go to the beach for a 'NikStarr Beach Ceremony', then to the Ashram for a New Moon Agni Hotra Fire ceremony, then a dash to the airport for a midnight flight. 

So I'm not that sad really, but I will miss our daily ritual of morning meditation, setting intentions, smashing goals, giggling lots and eating high vibrational food in between tasks.  But alas, life goes on, and things change and shift.  You'll be back soon enough and have much to do back in the land of Oz.

Happy travels gorgeous.  I SEE YOU.

Love, Nik.  xo     

(only 4 spaces left for one-on-one mentoring with Nik)

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  1. Jeanette Pitchford3 December 2013 at 06:28

    Wow, what a blessing you are to each other. Huge love to you both xx