Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Best testimony EVER.... NikStarr Spiritual Journey.

This is what I woke up to this morning......

Such an incredible testimony ♥

I FEEL BAD: I know that -- MANY people aren’t ‘seeing the exquisite beauty’ of the Nik Starr retreat that Kylie and I went to last year simply because the words describing it on her site – DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE. I’ll try to briefly explain my experience.

THE HEALER: This old guy. He doesn’t speak much English. Most EVERYONE in Indonesia has a temple. ☺ ☺ We gather at his temple with others. He publically produces ‘obvious healing’ (sometimes difficult to watch) to people one by one.

ME: He sticks this wooden needle into different pieces of my body – clearly ‘looking for something’ (as if guided) – then he ‘finds the spot’ and Holy _______.
“Pain and Release” – “Pain and Release.”

I became one of those healings that was ‘difficult to watch.’ Prior to it happening to me I thought those before me must be a bit “Spiritually Intoxicated.” It just couldn’t be happening so quickly and with such a deep impact – was what I thought.


It was like “I went somewhere else” – and this ‘deep pain’ (something I shared with the healer in private) was coming out of me -- followed by a weight gone.

I was loudly screaming profanities – AND THEN – it subsides. It’s done. I’m lighter – I get up and say, “That was interesting” as if it was nothing. Remember – IT WAS EXCRUTIATING. IE: Quick Pain – And Then Quick to Incredible Lightness.

>>>Just message Nik. Have a quick chat with her to help you “really know.”<<<

THE CAVE: There’s a sign that says – do not enter. Nik explains how it’s not for foreigners – that it’s a special place – that Kings used to gather to ‘brainstorm.’

NIK HAS (truly has) UNUSUAL ACCESS. IE: She’s part of the spiritual family - -rare for a Caucasian.

Still -- I’m thinking – Okay – photo in a cave -- COOL! ☺

WOW! “The energy” was like Bliss. You just quickly go to JOY-Relax – feel a joy (different from what you know joy to feel like) and feel a ‘coolness’ on your skin.

Perhaps just cos it’s cooler in the cave – but ‘somehow’ it felt ‘different.’ Puzzling it was but super cool to experience. In the cave…


ME: I want to ‘drink it in’ so I literally (while standing) lay myself onto the rock – It was as if I could draw “Peace and Stillness” from the rock. I didn’t want to leave. I could have just stayed in there and ‘filled my bowl’ with Peace and Stillness and that ‘unusual Joy.’

NIK: Please when we come back – let us stay in the cave LONGER!!!

Send Nik – just something short here on Facebook if you feel you’d like a similar experience. ☺ ☺

THE HEALING WATER and FOUNTAINS: Such an experience to see hundreds of Indonesians -- ‘as a matter of ritual’ (with children in tow) – walking through the water and ‘getting blessed’ by each of many fountains.

Each fountain has it’s own ‘special type of blessing.’ Everyone commenting on “WHICH ONE” They “felt something” from. (IE: Getting the blessing we each needed at that time)

THE HIGH PRIEST: I was the most curious with this guy. He had this unbelievable head-dress or crown on – and his clothing and temple were elaborate – so a spectacle in itself. He is unavailable to most Indonesians. He has never given prayer to Westerners. (We were the first) ☺

It is crowded as the temple is small but you “Feel at One” with everyone there. IT IS a shared spiritual experience. PROFOUND. Like the feeling of being at a concert or sporting event with the others sharing the same experience – it’s magnified 10X or more. The same here except it is spiritual. Niiiiiice!!

He starts to ‘quickly natter’ in Indonesian – and ‘ding this bell.’ This goes on for a long time. Something that would usually bore me but not this guy.

There is some rhythm to the nattering and dinging – but there’s also no rhythm to it – and once again…




You should really go to this retreat.
Why – Because you have experienced it – albeit temporarily.

Another experience you just ‘get lost in time’ and don’t want or need it to end. You do actually forget about email. Texting and ‘busyness.’ You experience ‘the better life’ without all of that.

You think – No wonder people meditate a lot. No wonder the Indonesians do the rituals they do. No wonder THIS IS THEIR LIFESTYLE. They get to feel like this.

JERO: Young guy actually. We go to his temple – for healings. TO MUCH! It is sacred so I won’t go into it in any detail (you wouldn’t believe it anyways) ☺ ☺ but what you witness people going through and hearing ‘how they feel afterwards’ is just totally unforgettable.


As I say – Just to much – it’s never-ending the “Gobsmacking Sense of Awe” and spiritual experience you have.

Of course – there’s mediations and blessings that equally ‘keep you in wonder’ of what else we don’t know and haven’t experienced in this life as spiritual beings having a human experience.

So that was a great recollection of what I do here in Bali.  I have had the honor of hosting some incredible people that have allowed themselves massive transformation, that has been lasting.  It's an incredible joy to share my world with so many and to create such fun for all at the same time.

I have just released the final dates for 2013.  This is the last year that I am doing these as my world is constantly evolving.  I was only doing 2 this year but have been asked to do a couple more.  I am pleased to do so.

The link contains the details.

I am in the middle of writing my book at the moment.  As well as a brand new venture in building a small spiritual centre here in Bali.  And most importantly spending more time with my children.

So if you feel compelled to come play with me, open your heart chakra and generally have a fabulous time, it would be an absolute pleasure to do so.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or would like to know anything at all.


Skype:  nik.starr


Much love and gratitude,

Nik.  xo

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